Virtual Receptionist

Hire a virtual receptionist to attend your customer calls 24*7 and reduce your manual dependency.


Virtual receptionist?

Virtual Receptionist is a smart IVR system which helps connect customers to the right department automatically. It answers to the needs of the customer 24*7, without human intervention. Using the virtual receptionist service, you’ll be also able to track & monitor customer calls to provide a superior customer experience & increase brand loyalty.

Advantages of a virtual receptionist service

Better customer experiences

All the calls are answered, even after business hours. This ensures good customer experience every single time.

Decreased costs

Virtual receptionist can replace your human receptionist. This saves manpower training and operational costs.

CRM integration

Virtual receptionist can be integrated with your CRM, which means that all the customer calls, information, query is stored and can be accessed at will.

Customer engagement

Since the virtual receptionist routes call to all the departments, customer engagement analysis can be tracked across departments.

Features of Technopole Virtual Receptionist Services

We provide our clients 24/7 Professional services for Call Answering, call forwarding, call Routing and Transferring, taking messages, and scheduling appointments.


Call distribution

Calls distributed across agents depending on the pre-set distribution conditions. The distribution can be sequentially, randomly or according to a priority..
Make it Rain


You can easily access the weekly call reports & live analytics to make better business decisions.
In The Office

Call recording

Monitor and record all the customer calls. This will help you in improving customer experience, training agents, and more.

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