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About Technopole’s VDialer

Intuitive Web and App solution for Call & Business management.

Technopole's Vdialer is a cloud based IVR system which routes all the customer calls to the right department. It stays available to your customers24*7 and hence manage all your business calls round the clock. Track and record these calls to maintain a superior customer experience and service. Connect with callers anytime and every time they make a call. Never miss a business call.

Calls do not have to stand out like a sorethumb. Integrate customer calls with tools like CRM, ERP, Help-desk software, apps and websites to unify all of your customer information. Ourcloud communication solutions support integration with the most popular tools out there.

IVR Solutions

Interactive Voice Response to handle
calls with reduced human dependency.

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MissCall Services

Send information about your Service
or just capture user details via MissCall Services

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Toll free Number

Gain brand reputation & more
calls that are free for customers to reach.

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Click to Call Solutions

widget lets website or app visitor
generate a call by just providing their

Our Cloud Telephony Solutions

The cloud communication solutions from Technopole ensure a stable and efficient communication between your customers and your business.

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A User-Friendly Dashboard That Has
Diverse Smart Features For Intelligent

A dashboard should be wise and that’s what you get with Technopole. You can easily monitor live agents and check the campaign status and ongoing activities across various departments. Our dashboard features an easy and intuitive menu, so you don’t need any training. Once installed, you are immediately good to go.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) improves customer engagement while taking off the human load.
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Call Forwarding
Forward every business call to connect with the available destination to make use of every opportunity.
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Real Time Analytics
Technology blended with business intelligence lets you track the overall performance and analytics.
Call Recording.png
Call Recording

Record the customer conversations for quality control, live monitoring, and performance review.

Call Routing.png
Call Routing
Call routing feature lets the caller reach the right department -quickly & easily.
Live Call Monitoring

Stay updated with every ongoing call between customer and agent using our remote admin portal.


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